College Group

We welcome you to Grace Bible Church’s College Group!

We are young adults seeking to grow in our knowledge of—and love for—the Lord. In order for you to get a better idea of our ministry, below is some helpful information for you to know.

If you have any questions, please let us know. You can reach us by phone (973-427-4032).
Also, check out our Facebook page for more information about our upcoming schedule and events.

What We Believe

We believe that at the core of all people is an emptiness that can only be filled by God Himself. Our sin, however, drives us to fill that emptiness through means that only intensify the emptiness we already experience. Sin doesn’t just end there, though. Its presence in our lives is the cause of the broken relationship with God we are born into, and our sin continues to drive every aspect of our lives—our thoughts, our actions, our motives, our relationships, and our desires. We strive to make ourselves acceptable to God by emphasizing our good deeds, moral behavior, upbringing, and spirituality or religiousness. All those attempts are futile, however, and ultimately remind us of what is true—that we are empty, spiritually-frustrated, and lost. Thankfully, in God’s goodness He made a way for us to have a relationship with Him. That way is through faith in Jesus Christ’s death and life-giving resurrection. It is solely through faith in Jesus Christ that we can pursue God, find God, and live for Him on His terms.

Why We Meet

We meet in order to study God’s Word, grow in our love for the God of the Word, and aim to live/proclaim the gospel to the world. 

Where & When We Meet

We meet weekly at the Leaders' House on Sunday nights at 5:00pm for prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. In addition to these weekly gatherings, we also have monthly outings that have included trips to different restaurants, bowling, excursions to New York City, hockey games, and evangelistic/service outreaches. 

Contact Us

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