Eric de Leeuwerk

Director of Visitation, Outreach & Youth

I was born and raised in New Jersey. Pit-stops were made in Pennsylvania and Texas, where I pursued my undergraduate (Messiah College) and graduate degrees (Dallas Theological Seminary). Upon graduating from seminary, I returned to New Jersey where I became a full-time staff member of Grace Bible Church in 2014.

Since then, I have enjoyed my time serving in the Junior High, Senior High, and Young Adults ministries. Additionally, it is a great delight to be able to walk alongside those within our congregation as well as to seek to foster relationships with neighbors in our community.

One of my greatest joys is shared adventures with my wife, Leslie, primary being following the Lord's leading in our lives as well as raising our twin girls. (I am ecstatic to bear the responsibility and title of "girl dad!")

During my free time, I enjoy playing board games, rooting for the Dallas Cowboys and North Carolina Tar Heels, summer getaways to Ocean City, NJ, and a cup of coffee paired with a shortbread cookie!

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